'What's so 'Sustainable' about you then?'

A question often asked and the answer often changes as we develop more ways to become responsible and as eco-friendly as possible in the print industry.

To start with the paper we use first is 100% recycled, it's important to say 'first' as most other companies offer recycled paper as an option and in my experience it is hardly ever used in this circumstance. The paper has excellent environmental credentials with a low carbon footprint. Other paper stock we offer are either 75% recycled (coated) or FSC certified papers.

Atop our paper is either a digital toner compromising of mixed 'plant-based bio plastic' and 'polymer alloy recycled PET' (recycled PET is made from used water bottles)* or vegetable/soy based ink on our lithographic presses.

Alongside the basic principles of printing we also recycle all of our waste paper, in some cases, creating notepads/books or fire bricks with the scrap. Our energy supplier is that of renewable energy and we have also teamed up with other eco-friendly businesses as a part of the 'Blue Patch' group.

We provide everyone with the option to keep your digital misprints. These are an inevitable part of the printing process to maintain high quality, however, they may be more use you you than in the recycle bin.

Other than that, the packaging is often made using recycled boxes and paper collected from our deliveries and every effort is made to ensure that the final product is of a high quality that fits its purpose effectively.

*I should mention that the toner also includes regular plastics that are considered harmful to the environment. The toner is not 100% recycled or BIO.

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